Zeiler weinhold wins two bronze medals

Zeiler weinhold wins two bronze medals

The fact that this success was not enough to qualify for the german championships was a bit of a nuisance for the 42-year-old. Weinhold presented himself in the "open master class" in a field with a strong field of players as well as in the "manner III" class two times very strong in the heinrich-lades-hall.

In the "open master class, in which there is no weight limit for athletes over 40, six of the eight participating athletes made it to the finals – including thomas weinhold, whose form this year was very good after being drained and after 14 weeks on a diet. Similarly in the men’s class III (up to 90 kilograms). Weinhold, who weighed in at exactly 85.9 kilograms, also made it to the finals in a class that was new to him. At the pre-selection here were also eight athletes on the stage.

The zeiler has the roughest fan group behind him

"after such a catastrophic year i didn’t want to start at all", the 42-year-old emphasized after several sporting and professional low blows. But because of the great support of his wife janina, who could not start this time for professional reasons, he will "also compete in the future, as long as it is possible healthwise."

Thomas weinhold brought the "fan cup" for the third time home with him. Almost 50 supporters from the habberg district supported the bodybuilder on site and thus once again made up the largest group of fans in the hall.