Youtube wants to boost the german video scene

Youtube wants to boost the german video scene

Youtube wants to see more professional content on its platform and has opened a dedicated studio for german youtube members to do so.

Youtubers can use different backdrops for their films and attend courses where they can learn more about technology and business. All youtube members with more than 1000 subscribers can register for the use of the backdrops – a low threshold, because even in this country there are youtube stars with several hundred thousand fans.

Several videomakers raved about the additional possibilities offered by such a studio at the opening on thursday. "I was very impressed," said joyce ilg, who has more than 700,000 youtube fans. At the beginning, a hotel room, a bar and a make-up area were set up as backdrops, next to which there is a coffee corner and other production rooms.

"We wanted to teach them how to improve the quality of their content," said youtube’s david ripert. "We believe that creatives will be more successful on youtube this way". The video platform also profits from this. Higher-quality videos often reach a wider audience and generate more advertising revenue. Youtube gives part of advertising money to video makers.

Similar studios already exist in london, los angeles and new york. The berlin center is the first in germany. Youtube works together with the met film school in neukolln for this purpose. Film students can also use the space there. How much youtube had invested in the studios, the responsible persons did not want to say on thursday.