Work has been delayed

From a "burgers’ meeting of a very different kind" mayor ruth frank spoke in kottendorf these days. A community center is currently being built in the small district of breitbrunn. From may onwards, corona was in a state of drunken calm and further expansion had come to a standstill. Nearly 20 people had come to the meeting. They followed the mayor’s presentation, standing on the floor of the building, which was covered with roofing felt.

Ruth frank admitted that the corona pandemic had totally deprived her of contact with the burghers. That’s why she wants to use this meeting to talk to the people of burgundy.

At the district level, they are trying to agree on the necessary hygiene inspections as jointly as possible. All senior citizens’ events, the christmas markets and carnival events have already been canceled in the district, she explained.

The good numbers showed the rightness of such measures. She asked the burgers to stick to the rules and not to become careless. It should be understood that community life will suffer somewhat or even be paralyzed as a result. We shouldn’t just look at things negatively, because the crisis has slowed down a lot of things and many citizens have rediscovered their home, said ruth frank.

With regard to her new function as mayor, she spoke of a very strenuous office, especially as many tasks were becoming more and more complicated. The municipality has enough to do to manage its administrative tasks, and therefore a functioning community is necessary for many other things.

"What you have produced here in kottendorf is something to be proud of", she said about the new community center. The sluggish progress of construction she justified, in addition to the corona pandemic, with a difficult situation in the construction sector, where one does not get any offers in.


The trench construction work also meant that it was not easy to deliver building materials. In any case the dam material is ordered, and in the next week one can work again. "So the next village festival should take place in these rooms", ruth frank, the mayor of the town, was confident – and one of the citizens added: "or pigeons".

The mayor also mentioned digitization as an important topic. Broadband is installed everywhere and the mills are also connected. A market survey is currently underway to find out which households can still be connected directly. "The more broadband, the less radio we need", she said. She wants to set up a platform "where i can reach every burger. Dates and other things I want to put online, so I can get in touch with everyone."

During the road construction on the state road 2281 between kottendorf and hasenmuhle the surface layer should be applied in the next week. Then at least the school bus service could run again with special permission. By mid november, the walkway to the cemetery with the retaining wall to the cemetery will be finished, so that the road can be reopened for public traffic, she said.

Other topics

Other topics discussed were the renovation of a former spring, work on the cemetery, and the beaver problem on the lauter river.