What happens to the gas station?

What happens to the gas station?

Town hall meetings are a seismograph for the citizens’ satisfaction with their administration. 78 citizens, including 13 city council members, came to the marktbreiter rathausdiele on tuesday evening.

There, mayor erich hegwein presented the same report as a week ago in gnodstadt. If he even received applause there, the burghers in marktbreit did not share his enthusiasm. They listened to the lecture without interruptions, but took advantage of the subsequent discussion to ask many questions and make suggestions.

A motion by richard scharnagel, for example, could still give the council all kinds of work: under the heading: political participation and information of the burghers, he motioned: "the city council is asked to take appropriate measures to allow the entire burghers to participate in the political life of our city and to provide them with comprehensive information.".

Scharnagel envisions, among other things, that the city should provide comprehensive information about news in the marktbreiter nachrichten. He based his motion on the fact that by the end of the 1990s, all ongoing agenda 21 projects had been discontinued and there had been no citizen participation in the entire municipal area of the city since then.

He would also like to see the city put all the items on the agenda of the meetings that are dealt with in public on the internet, along with the draft resolutions, as is already being done in wurzburg. His motion was adopted by 25 votes to 21 and must therefore be dealt with by the council.

In his second motion, he called for the property tax rate B to be reduced to an average level for the district. "Marktbreit (450 points) is surpassed in the district only by obernbreit (470 points), all other towns are much lower, with an average of 334 points. Marktsteft has 300 points, for example." His conclusion: "marktbreit is 116 points above the average in the county. In terms of the county average, this corresponds to an additional burden of 134,000 euros."

Since marktbreit uber high trade tax revenues and in the inner city redevelopment the money from this additional burden of the burghers only in the amount of 100 000 euros from the 1.1.13 scharnagel does not think this is effective. His motion was defeated by a slim majority of the burgers.

Further burger inquiries:

– jurgen federolf asked for the boat crane to be moved to the front of the jetty during the redesign of the main riverbank, which would provide more space for use by pedestrians.

– manfred fuchs demanded a clear statement on the issue of the gas station. The mayor clarified that private interests and land matters are still unclear in this respect. The plan, however, is to demolish the old gas station only if a new one is built, even in a different location.

– inge kieselbach, a resident of ochsenfurter strabe, wanted to know if something was being done about the dilapidated building at ochsenfurter strabe 2, because as a neighbor she was "bothered by pigeons and other animals" living in the building. She also took up the cudgels on behalf of the city’s struggling residents. Reckless drivers make marktbreit a "life-threatening place".

– christiane federolf regretted that there is no longer a skating rink on the main river.

– werner hund does not like the fact that recently the signs are no longer attached to house walls but to posts.

– werner gotz asked whether the new adventure playground on the banks of the main river is flood-proof at all. The mayor denied.

– erika schenkel wished for a bike path to the new field hockey club at the struht.

– michael beigel complained about the poor condition of the path from neubaustrabe to gertholzweg. – walter busch accused the city of first leasing the barn at the newly renovated site "am kreuzweg" in gnodstadt to a city councilor – and then selling it to the same councilor, although he had also made an offer to buy it. The mayor replied that the building had been sold to the highest bidder.