Weibenbrunn uses the savings potential

The building and environment committee decided on tuesday in the multi-purpose building to make further savings in electricity consumption, which will also protect the environment. Mayor jorg neubauer (SPD) was pleased to be able to bury bayernwerk’s municipal customer service representative edgar muller. Muller presented a status report and the concept for further action.

Electricity consumption for the 410 lights, 305 of which are LED, is approximately 90,000 kwh per year. The new concept will save about 40,000 kwh of electricity per year and reduce CO2 emissions by about 19 tons by converting all 410 lights. Accordingly, the total cost of the remaining 105 LED luminaires, around 26,000 euros, will be amortized in three years. The committee unanimously decided to continue the illumination with LED technology. The costs are to be financed through savings in electricity costs of 9000 euros per year over a period of approximately three years. The remaining 103 lights are to be installed in 2021. Hummendorf was excluded, because the expansion of KC 5 was awaited here.

The new planning for a residential building in grun, which is located in the auben area, did not find the municipal consent. A change of use of a hairdressing salon into a pizza and kebab store was noted by the committee.