Watchful eyes and bag checks

Watchful eyes and bag checks

Presence should ensure that guests feel safe.

The kulmbach police and the riot police were present – with more than three hundred men. The SEK security service, which has been providing security and orderly conduct on the event grounds for years, has been strengthened – and this year will also be present at the opening ceremony on the market square.

In addition, the personal security company SK service from bayreuth is still in action on saturday morning: dozens of personal security guards and security personnel shielded the celebrities on the market square from the crowd. It is clear that the terror has arrived in bavaria and has left a clear mark.

Bringing drinks is forbidden

The police concentrated on securing the area – also in the evening. In the tent and around the event site, the SEK security service secured the entrances. The employees checked bags and backpacks. But it wasn't just a question of dangerous objects, but also of whether or not tricycles could be taken onto the event grounds.

"I came from furth and didn't know that it could be problematic if i had a backpack with me", says dominik oertelt. He has a sweater, but also two beer bottles and a plastic soda bottle. He had to hand in all three. "I can understand why I had to give up the beer. But they could have left me the plastic bottle", says oertelt. It was "a bit strange", being controlled, he says, does not spoil his joy of celebrating.

Cathrin rottgen also had to open her handbag. "It's actually okay to be controlled, she says.

Michael losch has also been stopped by security: the beer festival fan from meran wears a beard, looks sudlandish and has a small leather bag with him, which he is supposed to open. He shows understanding for this: "it's sad that you have to control. But actually I think it's okay", he says, and after all, he has nothing forbidden in his bag.