Volkers: decision for new building stalls

Volkers: decision for new building stalls

The meeting of the city council on tuesday had almost not taken place. Birgit poeck-kleinhenz (PWG) complained that the invitation had not been delivered in time and questioned the legitimacy of the meeting. The background was delays at deutsche post, explains mayor brigitte meyerdierks (CSU). After lengthy discussion, the council continued the meeting. The nearly 30 people in the audience, many of them from the volkers fire department, would otherwise have had to go home.

At the request of the city council, architect stefan richter had revised the costs for a new building of the fire station in volkers. The cost proposal that he now presented to the rates is more than 300.000 euro under the sum, which still stood in september in the room. The plans are "even more compact and were a still "more economical construction" take as a basis. Contrary to the original plan, the building is now planned on the rear area of the land.

New location proposed

After the architect's comments, the mayor gave the floor to georg zeitz (PWG). The PWG had developed its own proposal at a meeting with local spokeswoman heike kotzner (CSU) and the fire department. According to this, georg zeitz would build the fire station on his land in hauptstrabe and rent it to the town.

First of all, zeitz made it clear that this idea did not come from him. He had rather proposed a municipal meadow, because "the access via the bruckenauer weg is impossible", he criticized the location next to the newly built kindergarten. Faction spokesman dirk stumpe declared that the meadow was unsuitable. Regardless of this, the construction by a private company would be faster, because the demolition of the old kindergarten would be omitted and also the time for the tendering of the contracts would be omitted.

The local spokeswoman for volkers, heike kotzner, loved the criticism that the access road in the bruckenauer weg was difficult. She assumes, however, that the burgers will take into consideration the fire engines that are printing out. She did not see any significant time savings from the new proposal.

Commander is against it

The commander of the volkers fire department, christian kotzner, also opposed the proposal. "We have reached a point that is below zero", he described the displeasure. Four years ago, he submitted the first application for the construction of a fire station. "Let's start from scratch again or take the ball rolling?", he asked and spoke out in favor of sticking to the plans.

There was then a heated discussion, during which the mayor repeatedly called a halt to the councilors. She suggested that the decision be postponed until zeitz could provide the necessary figures. A special meeting of the city council in volkers should be held as soon as possible. But the rate insisted on continuing the debate.

"I am very surprised", fire department spokesman manfred kaiser (CSU) was pleased. The location question had already been clarified in 2017. After all, the volker fire department is not the fire department of frankfurt, which is printing out minutiae. From the point of view of the SPD faction, a new building on municipal land is clearly preferable to the rental option. It was only recently that the city council decided against moving the library for precisely this reason. And hartmut bos (parteilos) saw the promised time savings as unrealistic. Finally, the city council accepted the mayor's proposal and decided with 12:5 votes that the offer of georg zeitz will be examined in more detail.

The morning after the decision was made, the firefighters' displeasure was still raw. "The frustration runs deep, said christian kotzner. Michael krug, lead commander of the bad bruckenau volunteer fire department, said: "I am very disappointed with the administration.