Village residents get new kindergarten building

Two dozen listeners sat in on monday's city council meeting. And what is not to be experienced too often in politics – instead of (critical) questions there was loud applause for the committee. "The applause is word enough", mayor wolfgang beiergroblein was pleased to receive thanks for the decision to build a new kindergarten in dorfles.

"I think we are facing a decision today that is one of the biggest of the past decades in dorfles", beiergroblein had already emphasized the importance of this agenda item at the beginning of the meeting. Three variants for the future of the village kindergarten, but also for the attached premises of the fire department and the village community were up for debate.

Dorothea dietrich from the building planning office 3D detsch presented them. The variant, which in the end found the unanimous approval of the council, provides for the demolition of the kindergarten building as well as a part of the fire station. For an estimated 2.146 million euros, a two-group kindergarten is to be built on the same site, with event rooms for the village community and a new fire station.

Alternative starting points

The new construction of this plant on the "green meadow (estimated cost 2.114 million euros) was already off the table, because no suitable land could be found. Although a general renovation was estimated at 2.018 euros, the lowest cost, dietrich immediately made it clear that this sum could also quickly rise with the imponderables in an old building. In addition, the floor areas would have to be cut back during renovation, and the existing room concept is no longer considered to be up to date.

Head of department stefan wicklein explained that the construction could be implemented with an interim period in another building. The aim is to realize the project between the second half of 2019 and 2021. There is one problem, however, according to wicklein, namely the demand for the new fire station, which is urgently needed due to the currently unsustainable conditions. Here, the government's requirement that all access roads be located outside the flood zone cannot be realized.

Committee speaks out clearly against renovation

"From the point of view of the CSU faction, it makes no sense to look purely at the cost argument", their spokesman, jonas geissler, pleaded for the new building and against the redevelopment. It is more a matter of choosing the most sensible solution.

Marina schmitt (SPD) and her faction also want to challenge the village community, which is particularly strong in dorfles. "The building belongs in the center of town", they were pleased to find a new building on the old, prominent site.

This view was echoed by martina zwosta (FL). She was convinced that the new building would blend in better "than the ugly flat building". Michael zwingmann also demanded a contemporary accommodation for kindergarten and fire department as well as an adequate meeting place for the burghers. And as winfried lebok (CSU) pointed out, the new building will provide the children with even more space in the classroom.