Us embassy in Jerusalem to open in may

uS embassy in jerusalem to open in may

The opening coincided with the 70. Anniversary of the founding of israel together. The date is 14. May.

The embassy will initially be located in a complex of buildings in the district of arnona, where there is currently a consulate, said the spokesman. First, U.S. Ambassador david friedman and a "small team" were to work from there.

The palastinians reacted indignantly to the announcement. Chief negotiator saeb erekat also sharply criticized the date – one day before the palastinians are to vote on 15. May commemorate the nakba (catastrophe). This is about the loss of their homeland after the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. During the first middle east war following the founding of the state, there were, according to various estimates, around 700.000 palastinian refugees.

Erekat said this plan "shows the determination of the U.S. Government to violate international law, destroy the two-state solution and provoke the feelings of the palastinian people".

Trump had recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel in early january and announced the relocation of the embassy. This has met with criticism worldwide. Riots broke out in the holy land.

The wall street journals reported that the u.S. Department of defense plans to further remodel the complex after the opening so that it can house more employees. The ministry is also considering building a new embassy facility, the newspaper continued. American casino owner sheldon adelson had offered to support this financially, he said. But discussions about it have so far been informal.