Urban spartanism claims victims

How will bamberg plug the hole in its 300-million-euro budget, which will probably add up to at least 45 million euros, caused by the corona crisis next year?? The first answers to this burdensome question are beginning to emerge. One is: the city offices have to cut their costs by 25 percent. This will affect all areas – with culture probably being one of the hardest hit. Of "massive impact on events and project demand" therefore, in response to a question from the FT, the cultural advisor ulrike siebenhaar speaks out. She says literally: "it is very, very bitter in a time, in which culture-creative anyway with the ruck stand to the wall, if here is deleted." In addition, there has been a 2.5 percent reduction in funding for institutions that are on the city’s financial drip, such as the music and adult education centers and the e.T.A-hoffmann-theater give. As a result, a reduction in jobs cannot be ruled out either. A detailed list of cuts to the budget by financial officer bertram felix will be presented to the city council next week and discussed.