Unanimous vote for elmar henke

unanimous vote for elmar henke

It was certainly no surprise: at their nomination meeting, 20 of the 20 members of the CSU/sommerach list present voted in favor of elmar henke (CSU) as the candidate for mayor in the municipal elections in march 2014.

As reported, henke has already been appointed mayoral candidate by the free voters sommerach with one opposing vote.

The chairman of the CSU local association werner kestler was pleased at the beginning of the meeting about the interest of young members who are willing to actively participate in local politics. And so it was possible to put together a well-balanced list for the 2014 municipal elections. It was passed unanimously.

In addition to established local politicians, a number of newcomers will also try to win a seat in the municipal parliament. The list is headed by franz volk, who, like jorg steffen and emil schlereth, has been a member of the council for many years.

After his nomination, mayor elmar henke was pleased with the vote of confidence he received from the independent voters a few days ago. According to his words, a lot has been done in the community in the past few years. Among other things, he highlighted the investments in the school and kindergarten. The kindergarten enjoyed great appreciation and also in the school the framework conditions were considerably improved.

With regard to the demographic development, the local associations have no reason to complain so far. "We will approach the whole thing offensively and of course we know that we must continue to support the associations as a municipality," said henke. He mentioned the strengthening of the infrastructure as an important task for the future. It is necessary to ensure the basic needs and also the internet plays an important role.

As the mayor reported, 52 construction projects with a total investment of two million euros have been realized in the past twelve years as part of the redevelopment of the old town. 160,000 euros – 40 percent of which was borne by the municipality – fell under the municipal claim. "There's a whole lot of work coming up," says henke. Sommerach has a good reputation and it is interesting for the inhabitants to work in an attractive community and to take on responsibility.

The CSU/sommerach municipal council list: 1. Franz volk, 2. Elisabeth drescher, 3. Jorg steffen, 4. Emil schlereth, 5. Heike prestele, 6. Roman mangold, 7. Norbert kestler, 8. Patrick brown, 9. Mario heusinger, 10. Valentin kestler, 11. Johannes blass and 12. Annette steffen. Replacement: Jurgen Dellert.