Track for cyclists and skaters will soon enrich streitberg playground

track for cyclists and skaters will soon enrich streitberg playground

The playground behind the streitberger burgerhaus is well protected from traffic; but it is also so hidden that an outsider can hardly spot it. While it offers all kinds of playground equipment, it offers only limited opportunities for young cyclists and skaters.

This is now to be different. Like their colleagues from muggendorf, the playground friends of streitberg have developed a plan to make the playground more attractive by creating a fenced-in cycling track. Its spokesman, thomas saueracker, has presented the council with plans for the project, which have met with general approval – not least because the community will not incur any costs.

Playground streitberg: construction work to start soon

This will use the existing land, a route hugelauf, hugelab is to extend the existing route many times over. The local company lammlein wants to take over the earthworks. The hugelstrecke is planned with the company regiopol. The playground friends streitberg have also raised money for a toddler swing set.

Mayor marco trautner (W/CSU) is sure that this will give streitberg a new point of attraction, both for all (young) community residents and for small tourists. The work is to begin as soon as possible.