To stay in the frankenwald group or not?

To stay in the frankenwald group or not?

If the two villages continue to get their water from the frankenwald group association (G) and the town of teuschnitz pays its investment levy for the renovation of the water pipeline network, does it buy its way out or does it sue?? "The new town council is duty bound to resolve the issue. We will tackle this and find a solution", emphasized mayor frank jakob (). Since half of the members of the committee are new, they should receive this information first-hand in order to make their decision "in good conscience" to meet him. For this purpose he had invited chairman jurgen baumgartner and head of the association gerhard woller to the meeting.

"If teuschnitz wants to leave the G, that’s legitimate. This is the decision of the city council. I have nothing against it – but only on the condition that this is not associated with any disadvantages for the other communities and households involved," stressed mayor frank jakak, baumgartner made clear. He was not responsible for the situation of the special-purpose association. He had also not fought for the takeover of the office. Rather, in 2015, due to the disastrous situation with a renovation backlog of 65 million euros, no one else could be found. "The G was the special-purpose association in bavaria with the grossest lopsidedness", he denounced the fact that the previous leadership had not made a request for the renovation, despite the promise of 3.5 million euros in funding.

The investment backlog of 65 million euros had meant a burden of 20312 euros for each of the approximately 3200 households concerned. Today, households were charged a fee of 98.50 euros per year for 25 years, for a total of 2468 euros. This is by no means his merit alone, but also a joint effort of the mayors and the ministry. The government cannot be thanked enough for the millions of euros in subsidies. Rough thanks are due in particular to district administrator klaus loffler, who has supported him from the outset.

"Hablach is the worst of all networks under our responsibility", he pointed out an acute need for action with an investment backlog of around 1.4 million euros. This sum must be paid, either by the FGW or – in the case of a withdrawal – by the city of teuschnitz. There are three options for them: remaining in the G, leaving or filing a lawsuit.

The alternatives

In the case of a remainder, teuschnitz would incur an investment charge of 377,422 euros over a 20-year term, as well as an additional basic fee of just under 100 euros per year for the households in rappoltengrun and hablach. In the case of a withdrawal, the city – in addition to the share of the renovation of about 770,000 euros – had to pay for the local network for about 430,000 euros, in other words: to pay about 1.2 million euros for the withdrawal. Adding the 1.4 million euro cost of rehabilitating the hablach system, the total cost would be about 2.6 million euros. In the event of a withdrawal, the water prices had to be recalculated and certainly increased for wickendorf and teuschnitz. The third option was to file a lawsuit. It would take almost ten years to go through all the stages of the process. But the renovation of the local network could not wait that long.

As far as the demand is concerned, an extension of the rzwas until 2028 is in dry tuchers. Beyond that he was skeptical.

"I do not care what you decide. My job is to make sure that no one is disadvantaged", he clarified. Joining a solidarity community founded in 1954 out of necessity and leaving decades later without paying – that’s not possible. Baumgartner also made it clear that he would not invest in a pending case.

"The G is no longer a stress for me. I am now deeply relaxed", he said. As soon as the "store completely tidied up, a mayor will take over the water supply. He is looking forward to it. When a large part of the water system is rehabilitated and in good condition, perhaps around the year 2031, it may be possible to cancel the G. A uniform water price would also be desirable as a basis for peace in the communal family.

The teuschnitz city council will hold an intensive working session on this topic. After that, the issue will be presented to the public again. "Transparency is the magic word, said the mayor.

The mayor gave a detailed overview of the current status of ongoing and recently completed tree removals. He denounced the lack of parking morality.

The second phase of the reconstruction of the city center of teuschnitz is completed except for minor details. Acceptance was on 13. November; the rest of the work will be done this week. The lighting for the church tower was done in coordination with pastor detlef potzl and church caretaker rainer tautz. The acceptance of the lighting is expected to take place next week, while the revision of the statue of nepomuk and the fallen monument will be tackled only in the spring of 2021. The parking concept will be discussed with businesses and implemented.

Birds wild parking in the city center

"Unfortunately, at the moment is parked birdwild", denounced jakob. The fact that some of the fubgangers had to switch to the street was dangerous and an absolute no-go. The wrong parkers would be made aware of their misconduct with handbills and tried to educate them. If there is no improvement, we will have to make a cut-off.

He was also pleased with a number of other tree removals that were progressing well and had recently been completed. The also completed tree removal garden and willow straw was on 5. October accepted. No deficiencies were reported by the residents. The account is being prepared.

For the "black cross the first invitation to tender had to be fundamentally revised because the costs were exceeded by a factor of three. The contracts for the consolidation of the masonry and the concrete work were awarded to the company dechant and are already underway. The masonry, concrete and roofing work should be completed by july/august 2021.

The construction of the school’s indoor swimming pool is currently underway with the company muhlherr. Plastering work is being carried out inside the building. The tile work and the screed will be awarded this week, while the tender for the window elements is underway. This week, the coordination for the observation room and the access system with the DLRG will take place. The design concept was drawn up in cooperation with the school administration and the DLRG (german lifeguards association). The installation of the treatment technology is scheduled for january.

From the districts

Things are also happening in the city districts. Nine bids were received in response to the invitation to tender for the teuschnitz-wickendorf link road. These are currently being reviewed by the ITS planning office. Work is scheduled to begin this year. For the old schoolhouse in wickendorf the installation of the staircase in the interior is pending. The drywall works are well advanced. The heating system has been installed and is running. The windows and doors were completed, as were the roof and facade. Work has been contracted out for the outdoor facilities. The old building at dorfplatz 7 has been demolished and the area prepared for redevelopment. The redesign of the flat will take place in spring 2021.

For the village renewal in hablach, the planning draft is currently being prepared by the office freiraumpioniere as a basis for discussion. The mayor expressed his gratitude to the county for resolving the situation at the entrance to the village and for eliminating the problematic asphalt spots.