“They do their work well”

In one of the strongholds of the free voters () in the district, in rodental, the general meeting of the local association took place, at which jens blumig was re-elected chairman in the new elections. After all, with nine city councilors and the mayor, they are the strongest grouping in the municipal parliament and have 106 members.
"We stand for free opinion-forming with social and future-oriented aspects and are not stuck in a party-strung corset", said blumig, who referred, among other things, to the past activities. This included a seminar entitled "the local political work between the elections – our community for the future", the participation in the demonstration against power lines, the collection of signatures for the abolition of the trench extension fee statute and the information event "assisted living – also useful in rodental". Jutta franz reported from -youth. Highlight of the many activities was the visit to member of parliament thorsten glauber in the bavarian state parliament. 13 candidates now in the starting blocks for the next youth parliament. The new committee can be presented at the end of may.
Mayor marco steiner pointed out that the debts of the city of rodental have been further reduced despite considerable investments. "The years ahead won't be boring either", he said.
Speaking for the -faction, hans-joachim lieb considered the integration of the neuburg thanks to -initiative a success and considered a medical care center for rodental appropriate to ensure the long-term supply of specialists. -district chairman christian gunsenheimer noted that the work being done in city hall is being done well, and described the two young candidates for the state election, maria preibler and max kraublich, as a signal of new beginnings.Preibler and kraublich introduced themselves in person.