The kindle paperwhite is a great reading tablet

the kindle paperwhite is a great reading tablet

Let's be honest: an e-book reader will not be able to replace a book. The experience that a new book conveys is too unique: the smell, the rustling pages, the layout and the writing are all part of the reading experience and make it unique. So in this respect, the phrase "it's like a book" is not a book not right.

But it's true that the newest kindle paperwhite is practical. Not only because it is already light and handy. Books can also be downloaded easily and are ready to read immediately – features that the now-defunct kindle keyboard had a good two years ago and that still make it stand out. The successor has a slightly fancier design, which is quite minimalist with just one button on the lower edge to switch it on and off. Just like the display, which – as is usual with e-book readers – looks almost antiquated compared to that of a tablet. There are no colorful apps or flashing pictures.

Reduction to reading
Because e-book readers are a reduction to the essentials: reading. The new kindle is no exception to this rule. Those who are at first a bit perplexed sitting in front of the white, empty display (it is clearly female in comparison to the keyboard) have to get used to the operation after switching it on (even this button has to be found by people who never read manuals right away). As I said, it works without buttons, but with wiping and tapping. These gestures are similar to those used to operate a tablet, but they are only roughly comparable. Because the response time is slightly delayed when compared to a current device.

It takes a while until the next page is displayed while reading, so the kindle has actually turned the page. However, this is to be neglected, because the kindle (and also every other e-book reader) does not want to be a tablet. He is just trying to imitate a book. And it succeeds very well. The writing is easy to read even in direct sunlight, and new features (also available in the latest version of the kindle app) allow the kindle to mimic page turning, show how long you have left to read a chapter or the whole book, and allow you to look at another part of the book without leaving the part you have just reached.

User manual comes with
This is done by swiping from the bottom to the top – like other control elements can be reached in a similar way. However, this must first be internalized. It's good that amazon includes a user manual with the kindle, because not everything is intuitive. Otherwise, you only need a user account at amazon to start using the kindle – if you choose this device, you also choose the online retailer, its ecosystem and its book selection. It's very rough on amazon, as are the options to "personalize" the kindle, as amazon calls it, giving the reading tablet a home in the form of a bag or a shoulder. The sleeve of our test child put the device into sleep mode, woke it up again when opened, and is supposed to stay closed even in pockets due to the integrated magnet. However, this kindle is not for purists who prefer to hold technical devices without bells and whistles, because it makes the kindle thicker and heavier.

Good and handy
Conclusion: the new kindle paperwhite is a good, handy and light e-book reader, which you like to hold in your hand and with which you can read for a long time without problems. Our test device came with a battery that was not quite full and showed virtually no charge fade. The standard delivery includes a charging cable, but unfortunately no power supply, which is best ordered at the same time if you don't already have a similar one.
For 129 euros, the paperwhite is neither the cheapest nor the lightest device from amazon (that's the kindle, which doesn't need a name extension and costs only 49 euros), but if you're looking for a new reader, you can't go wrong with the paperwhite. If you already have an older one and are satisfied with it, you don't have to be afraid of missing out on new features.