Tasty and durable food at museum day

"For over ten years i have been organizing a museum festival" in the three district museums of aschach castle on international museum day, says museum director anette spath. "The general focus rests heavily on the institution museum, as the day is advertised throughout germany." The tours of aschach castle, where the living culture of an aristocratic family could be experienced at first hand, were particularly well-attended.

In the folklore museum the life of the castle has been living conditions of the rhonian rural population contrasted. In keeping with this, the school museum showed how cramming was done in the rural schools of lower franconia. Besides, there was country music, marionette theater, folk dance and experiential tours with louise grafin von luxburg (portrayed by beatrice rose-ebel).

Practiced daily at the time
Stockpiling over the past 300 years was a important topic. Annemarie leuschner presented an information stand on historical stockpiling and the former preservation of foodstuffs. "For once, we want to show something that many no longer know, but that our ancestors practiced every day", annemarie leuschner explains. The range of activities extends from slaughtering, dried and salted meat, and pickled eggs in lime water to the production of sauerkraut and the preservation of fruits. The visitors were also allowed to taste. "The lecture by mrs. Leuschner was very interesting and awakened old memories in me. I can still remember how my parents, as self-supporters, used one method or another", swarmt konrad bestle from allgau.

The colonial goods store of earlier times was also varied, and many a visitor was reminded of epochs when fried and bismarck herring were sold there a coarse can into which the scatterbrain brought along was portioned out.

Broad spectrum of topics
The aim of international museum day is to draw attention to the broad spectrum of museum work and the thematic diversity of the approximately 6500 museums in germany. Inaugurated in 1977, international museum day aims to give museums and their staff around the world the opportunity to celebrate the to give the public a similar motivation to work together to highlight the importance of their work as a contribution to cultural and social life, and at the same time encourage visitors to explore the treasures preserved in the institutions.

Inge harjung from goppingen said: "I think the museum festival and the museum day are great. Everything is very interesting." And she adds: "you get a lot of information. I have gone through everything possible. The event is better than I expected."