Standing up for justice

Standing up for justice

With a happy "selamat datang" on friday evening, the women were already tuned in to the evening's topic at the entrance to the church. The malaysian grub expressing peace and welcome points out that the content of the service this year came from christian women from malaysia.
Under the motto "pray informed – act prayerful" the women's world day of prayer is celebrated every year at the beginning of march. Also in bad staffelstein, catholic and protestant women celebrated this day with a service, which this year had the motto "stand up for justice".

Women organized the service

15 women from bad staffelstein and the surrounding area reflected on the southeast asian country. They decorated the altar and got the congregation in the mood for malaysia both visually and musically.
As they entered the church, the women also made clear what is important to christian women in southeast asia: standing up for justice. So right at the beginning, they asked the visitors to stand up in front of the banks as a sign for more justice.
Malaysia was then presented, with the beauty of the country highlighted by a number of landscape photographs.
This was followed by the reading of a passage from the book of habakkuk, in which the prophet confronts god about injustice. The story of a widow who asks a judge for help was also about the lack of justice, because the judge does not want to help the woman for a long time.
The women, some of whom were even dressed in typical malaysian costumes, made it clear how omnipresent injustice is in everyday life.

Musical accompaniment

The church service had a lot to offer in the way of music. The band, founded especially for this world day of prayer, consisting of monika giebfried, silvia herzig and anna beier-pfab, accompanied the numerous songs.
In the form of a role play, pastor sabine schmid-hagen as a journalist and conny schaller-kraus, representing irene fernandez, the founder of the women's rights organization tenaganita, gave an interview. Here, too, it became clear how unjustly women in malaysia are still being treated.
The women also spoke about the tenaganita organization because it works primarily for the rights of domestic workers in malaysia. Employees are often forced to work under unacceptable conditions, which is why tenaganita has launched a signature campaign. The petition was displayed in the kilianskirche, so that anyone who wanted to could sign a petition for more justice immediately after the service.