Spicy chili cakes and french food for indian aid projects

Father arockiaraj savarimuthu, whom most people in bad bockelt and now many people in bad kissingen know only by the name "father raja" invited again to the "chilifest" to grobenbrach. This was the second chili festival after 2016.
Once again, the father stood in front of the gas-fired cauldron and stirred other hearty spices besides hot chili into the traditional stew of his native india. He sold the court for the benefit of his aid projects. Two years ago he had already had a great success with this project and now he could fall back on a well-established cake team, which also offered traditional french cakes. The festival was also supported by local retailers. Vanakkam cuddalore ev. Is an association founded in bensheim near darmstadt that supports the work of the paternal in india. The new chairwoman evelyn wolfel, who was elected a few days ago, lives and works in bad kissingen.

Many business people help out

That the 2. Chilifest in this form at all could take place, one owes however above all some domestic businessmen explains "chief organizer" alexander hofling. The grobenbrach volunteer fire department was also part of the party. Chili dishes, but also chili plants for the home garden or balcony, these were the attractions of the festival.
Father raja already has firm ideas about the projects in which he will invest the proceeds from this festival. On the one hand, there is the children's tutoring: young people from higher school classes are supposed to help younger children with their homework – in exchange for a small salary from the father's, or rather, the children's parents. From the association's coffers.

Project for women

Indian women are also to be trained as seamstresses in courses lasting six to eight months. The first thing they will do is to manufacture canvas school bags for a small company, which will then sell them cheaply to the parents of children starting school.
For many parents of school-age children, the lack of a school bag was an obstacle to sending their offspring to school, explained father raja at the chili festival in Grobenbrach.