Royal wedding: moments to smile and sniffle at

royal wedding: moments to smile and sniffle at

A protruding tongue, slippers for tortured lady’s feet and a ring that belonged to diana – there were surprising scenes at the wedding of prince harry and meghan.

– clean-shaven cheeks are standard in the british army – and so are royals. The fact that prince harry (33) stood at the altar for his wedding, firstly in uniform and secondly with a beard, was therefore anything but self-evident. "Her majesty the queen has allowed prince harry to marry in uniform" – this announcement from the palace initially irritated british media over the weekend. Why not? Then it leaked out: it was actually more about the beard than the uniform. Harry left the army in the summer of 2015 and shortly after grew a beard.

– on high heels all day – this also plagues celeb-fube. During the wedding, there was apparently a pragmatic solution: "they have slippers for us," rejoices U.S. Actress troian bellisario (33) in an instagram story she posted on the web over the weekend. A man in a suit handed out slippers to women that resembled hotel slippers. Several women are seen putting on slippers instead of their high heels. According to the short clip, the scene took place outdoors on the grounds of windsor castle. Bellisario is with patrick J. Adams married to meghan on the tv series "suits.

– the pair had no less than ten flower children. Among them were the twin sons of meghan’s girlfriend jessica mulroney. On the tv pictures little brian made many people laugh: during the entrance in the church he showed – in excited enthusiasm – his coarse tooth swallow. His father ben wrote on instagram: "ok, brian. You get a tv in your room for the summer."Of course prince william and kate’s children were also among the flower children. Prince george (4) and princess charlotte (3) cut a fine figure, charlotte in particular waving happily to fans and spectators alike. And one picture caused a special smile: still sitting in the car charlotte grins happily and sticks out her tongue.

– throughout the day, details were used to remind people of harry’s mother diana, who died in 1997. At the reception in the afternoon, superstar elton john (71), who was good friends with diana and had also sung at her funeral, performed. In meghan’s bridal shower, diana’s favorite flowers were forget-me-nots – and in the evening, 36-year-old meghan wore a shimmering blue ring that had once belonged to diana. Apparently a very special wedding present from harry to his bride.

– the last official moment of the wedding day: the bride and groom get into a convertible, like william and kate seven years ago, to drive to the party. Prince harry and meghan made the short journey from windsor castle to frogmore house together in a sporty blue convertible. The jaguar model originally dates from 1968, but is now equipped with an electric motor. So everything exhaust-free on the little wedding tour.