Route choir looked ahead to performances

Satisfaction about the past year marked the annual meeting of the redwitz choir route 16-66. Chairman uwa piesker was pleased with the once again successful performance of the choir. This is what the open-air concert "voice meets brass" was like with the brass band schwurbitz for listeners and performers an unforgettable experience.

A very good feedback had also the performance at the group singing of the sangergruppe kordigast in the church of regens-wagner. Further appearances were at the confirmation in redwitz and the appearance at the christmas market in lichtenfels.

But social life was not neglected in the past year either. The spab was in the foreground at the local championship of the schutzen in redwitz and at the schutzen festival procession. At the moment the choir has 42 active and 15 passive members. 28 choir rehearsals and three with the musicians from schwurbitz, five board meetings and two final meetings were held.

No gala concert this year

The annual gala concert, planned for the fall, has to be cancelled due to discrepancies and misunderstandings in the scheduling. The next concert is now planned for spring 2021. Jurgen klein, the chairman of the "liederkranz" association, suggested a joint christmas concert with the main choir of the "liederkranz", since the gala concert will not take place.