Ronja Hoyer and victor kraus smash their way to victory

At the qualifying tournament for the district individual championships of upper franconia west, a total of eight boys and four girls from the table tennis district of coburg/neustadt met in the school gymnasium in weidhausen to achieve the first three places.

What the young players showed on the plates was outstanding. Especially among the youngsters it was very exciting, as no one remained undefeated. The youngsters from unterlauer and rodental set the tone at all times and each won a title.

The young players had seven games to play, which was quite exhausting, but nevertheless the matches were very interesting and balanced.

In the end the set difference had to decide about place 1 as well as about place 3. Victor kraus from the TTC rodental showed a strong performance, as did his club colleague jonathan klee. Both players had 6:1 wins on their account at the end of the match. Victor kraus took first place ahead of jonathan klee thanks to his better set ratio of 20:4.

The fight for 3rd place was just as exciting. Here, two players from TSV unterlauter are arguing with each other. With 5:2 wins each laurenz muller and halil sorkilic fought for the third place, which laurenz muller secured due to his better set ratio (18:7) in front of halil sorkilic (15:8).

The girls 18 had their outstanding player in ronja hoyer from TSV unterlauter. With three victories over her opponents, the player from unterlautern was unstoppable.