Quattroball: the action on 24 courts

To the 34. For the 34th time, the SC memmelsdorf is hosting its nationally renowned quattroball tournament this weekend. The organizers expect again numerous teams from germany and neighboring countries. After the preliminary round on saturday and the final round on sunday the tournament winner will be determined. Some minor changes due to tree removals will not restrict the spab.

A total of 768 games will be played on the 24 fields, with each of the 96 teams playing four games in each sport, or a total of 16 games. Not only recreational athletes play, but also professionals in some cases. In the field of participants are also teams of the first hour. The no less than 34. Participation sign up teams like the muppets, gurgn!, painters' district, the schreckbichler and the peulendorf sharks.

Temporary bridge to the seehof hall

Some changes in the procedure this year. Due to the new construction of the memmelsdorf kindergarten on the parking lot of the seehofhalle, some rescheduling became necessary. In addition, there will be no parking spaces for tents and mobile homes next to the hall, there will be less space for camping, the location of the disco tent and the arrangement of the handball and volleyball fields will be different, and a temporary bridge to the seehofhalle will be built.

The SCM is dependent on the understanding and cooperation of the participants. But the organizers are sure that the quattroball tournament will go over great as usual and the small restrictions may even create a special "quattrogefuhl" to emerge.

The tournament also has a lot to offer for all spectators: in addition to the sporting highlights on the playing fields, the great atmosphere in the surrounding area. But also the famous quattro party for all on saturday evening makes the quattroball tournament a popular event for players and visitors alike.

Traditionsgemab begins the tournament with the noodle dinner on friday evening from 18.30 o'clock in the seehofhalle. Tournament starts on saturday at 10am and on sunday at 9am.