Peter maffay asks merkel for help for music industry

Peter maffay asks merkel for help for music industry

Rock and pop singer peter maffay (70) has asked chancellor angela merkel (CDU), also on behalf of numerous other colleagues, for rapid assistance for musicians and concert organizers.

Due to the pandemic-related shutdown, the entire industry is facing a challenge that it will hardly be able to withstand on its own for the next few months without government aid, according to a letter signed by angelo kelly, till bronner, sasha, marianne& michael and PUR were signed.

A complete value chain of service providers came to a standstill, around 130.000 jobs and related livelihoods of families are in acute danger, writes maffay further. Live performances are vital, especially for musicians at the beginning of their careers.

The 70-year-old called for structures to be secured so that event organizers, service providers and artists could together remain a part of the german cultural landscape. "Music, whether e or u, should not be at the end of the scale, just like sports, for example," wrote maffay. "It is literally an important part of the harmony in our daily lives".

Maffay is famous for songs like "so bist du" or "uber sieben brucken musst du gehn" (you have to cross seven bridges). He lives in Tutzing on lake Starnberg