Parking spaces are being eliminated because of a demand by the german railroad company

New negotiations with the railroad are imminent regarding the station land. At its meeting on tuesday, the city council gave burgermeister bernd reisenweber (BG) the green light to do just that. It is to be talked about the so-called planning variant 2 with the railroad, which costs 1.175 million euros and is demandable.

Buy plus rent

The reorganization of the station land and the surrounding area extends not only to municipal land, but also to railway-owned land. Therefore, at first round 2400 square meters of track space was planned with uberplant, but this was discarded. For the railroad requires that 800 square meters be purchased at a price of 35 000 euros and 1600 square meters must be rented for 25 years for 96 000 euros. This was too much for the council, as rental costs in particular are not eligible for reimbursement as part of the city's construction requirements. The amended plan therefore provides for the reduction of the railway-owned flat and thus also the parking spaces on bahnhofstrabe from 22 to 13. The omitted parking spaces could be created on municipally owned land below the birkleite as cross or long parking spaces, it was said in the city council.
As dagmar unziker from the municipal administration further explained, plan variant 2 would leave a flat area of 600 square meters lying fallow. The municipality envisions to plan this part of the site, which would have to be regulated by a permit agreement during the demand period. "Negotiating with the railroad is, as always, very difficult", said mayor reisenweber and added: "we are building the parking lots mainly for railroad users."
Council member dennis busch (committee) finally asked the mayor to insist again on an underground tunnel or a crossing between the two platforms in the negotiations with the railroad, as the current routes are often too long for railroad users. And what's more: 442,000 euros have been registered with the government of upper franconia for 2018 as part of the urban development program for the redesign of the railroad station area.
The expansion of the "am weinberg" construction area in frohnlach as part of the 3. Planner jurgen kittner presented the first phase of the project. 27 new building rights can be created. The plot size will be a maximum of 1000 square meters. A barrier against larvae is being built. "Attractive building plots are being created", said reisenweber. Against the vote of dennis busch the change of the development plan was decided. After consideration of the comments received on the development plan and also on the land use plan, the latter were approved in the "GI friesendorf" area APPROVED.