Park remains despite rough construction site

Josef hofbauer in hainbrunnenstrabe, on the site of the former BRK senior citizens’ home, unique funfeck houses are being built. The striking free-standing buildings, each with a living area of around 1600 square meters, are arranged on the 9111 square meter site in such a way that most of the apartments offer an unobstructed view between the houses. From the third floor, there will be a view of the city of forchheim as well.

Sales manager babette wagner from the developer BPD (bouwfonds property development) is particularly enthusiastic about the "hainbrunnenpark", in which the builders will be involved. "The property, located in a quiet residential area on the hills above the city, offers an old tree population and a stream, which we have preserved, says wagner. The area will be enhanced by new plantings, walkways and bridges.

Recreation zones

"A quality of living and location that does not exist a second time", schwarmt project developer benjamin otto. He particularly emphasizes the recreational zones that will be created in the open spaces around his own house.

The project idea is to create a living environment that is so fascinating that the atmosphere, identity and quality can be felt in every square meter. With the hainbrunnenpark in forchheim, this vision is now becoming reality", says otto.

But the site of the former senior citizens’ residential home is still a huge construction site. It took a whole year to demolish the seven-story concrete block. Construction work has been going on since this year. There is to be no "above-ground tin sarcophagus" give. For the cars of the future residents of all the apartments, the project developer, who has already built similar buildings in the monchberg park in wurzburg, is building a shared underground garage. For each of these parking spaces there is a connection for electric vehicles.

A huge hole in the ground

At the moment there is still a huge hole in the ground. 20,000 cubic meters of excavated earth, that’s around 2400 truckloads, had to be removed. 2000 square meters of sheet piling were installed around the enormous construction pit. This is the flat of about four building sites.

7000 cubic meters of reinforced concrete will be used for the entire project, mainly for the underground parking garage, explains babette wagner. 700 tons of structural steel are required for the five-story residential buildings, which consume 45 percent less energy than comparable new buildings. The masonry consists of a total of around 900 square meters of sand-lime bricks.

The sale of the individual apartments, which are between 65 and 163 square meters, has already begun. There is a choice of one two-room, 22 three-room and 21 four-room apartments. The nurnberger architekturburo rother architekten and the munchner architekten braun krotsch are responsible for the planning. They are also to thank for the light-flooded atrium staircase, which is intended to convey a sense of joy in living.

"The residents should enjoy living here and feel at home from day one", underlines babette wagner. She points to the area’s unusual location with its short distances to the city center and emphasizes: "as an area developer, we are committed to creating living environments with their own unmistakable identity. The past and the demands of living in the future were combined in the hainbrunnenpark project. The first apartments are to be ready for occupancy by november 30 of next year. Up to 30. The completion of the entire residential complex, including all the outdoor facilities, is firmly assured for june 2021.