Niegsch couple celebrates golden wedding anniversary

At the golden wedding of annemarie and hans niegsch the house was full. And that was only logical, because the two are popular and well known in kasendorf, especially because of their many years of service to the SSV.

Annemarie niegsch was an indispensable force in the sportheimkuche and still helps out today. The spouse, currently groundsman, took over responsibility in the sports club as second and third chairman as well as head of the old leagues. The fact that the sports facility on the friesenbach looks so well-maintained is also partly thanks to him.

The jubilee couple was born in kasendorf, the first attempts to get to know each other happened at a dance in the scherm inn in heubsch. "I liked him, and he liked me, and it went very quickly", said the jubilant bride. Both remember a nice episode 50 years ago: while driving home from a church wedding they were stopped by a police patrol. When the officials saw that they had just had a wedding, they waved the company through and wished them good luck.

The trained auto mechanic and professional driver of many years was internationally on the way, last with the company maxit. The wife has worked over 30 years at hocka as a commercial employee.

In addition to burgermeister bernd steinhauser and SSV chairman bolker tauber, his daughter martina, son-in-law gotz and his two grandchildren tim and felix also came to congratulate him. Horst wunner