New children’s fire department to guarantee a future

"Being with others is what gives me the most pleasure." He wants to stay in the fire department in the future as well.

As the first fire department in the market burkardroth, the voluntary fire department stangenroth has a children's fire department in its ranks. "In the entire district of bad kissingen, there are only three fire departments that have a children's group at all", says christian metz, deputy commander of the voluntary fire department stangenroth, full of pride.

The stangenroth children's fire department was introduced for the first time in a liturgical service. "It is necessary to involve the youngest already. The technology is becoming more and more complicated and sophisticated, the operation of the equipment should be learned from an early age", said mayor waldemar bug (odp) and praised the fire department of stangenroth for their efforts for the new generation. He appealed above all to parents to introduce young people to the community of public life at an early age: "in addition to learning, children should be given free time, which they can also spend in the fire department."

The children's fire department is supervised by ramona loffler and sebastian metz, the commandant of the stangenroth fire department. Eleven children between the ages of eight and twelve have been meeting every two weeks since february to learn more about firefighting and to practice themselves. "We want to teach the kids the basics. With playful exercises, they can experience for themselves what it means to loaf", so loffler. She also hopes that excursions, such as to the respiratory protection center in oberthulba, will encourage children to join the youth fire department when they reach the age of twelve.

"We had the problem that the youth in the fire department had less and less access", declares christian metz. Other clubs had won over children at an early age, but the fire department was increasingly left behind. Since children can now join the fire department at the age of eight, he hopes to be able to put the problem of new recruits to bed once and for all. "We are very pleased with the response that the establishment of the children's fire department has generated", says Loffler.