Musicians have serious problems with young talent

Musicians have serious problems with young talent

The youth band aurachtal looked back on the past year at its annual general meeting in the musicians' home and was also able to present certificates for many years of musicianship and to members of the band. The chairmen gaby lorenz and michela stumptner buried the oberreichenbacher mayor klaus hacker as well as aurachtals second mayor peter jordan.

The chairmen, but also the musical directors, christine polloth and wolfram heinlein, addressed issues that are of increasing concern to the juka and that affect the orchestras existentially. According to the report, the 108 active musicians are supported by 385 demand members, but only a few of them found their way to the annual general meeting. Conductor wolfram heinlein currently has only 32 active members in the main orchestra.

"It's getting harder and harder to get kids to learn a musical instrument. Many factors play a role here. For example, around 80 percent of the elementary school children in munchaurach attend after-school care in the afternoons, which makes it difficult to schedule afternoon rehearsals," explains stumptner, michaela stumptner explained in the annual report.

And once children have started to learn an instrument, there are still many obstacles and influencing factors along the way before they are able to play the instrument safely. That's why the association's management is happy about every child that they can accompany on this way into the world of music. Long-term studies show that playing music, especially in a group, stimulates thinking and language skills, increases concentration, trains the ability to listen, trains the ability to coordinate different activities, alleviates concentration problems and improves social behavior.

Healing effect

Music challenges our brains in a rarely complex way: because when making music, hearing and seeing, feeling and touch, movement and coordination, imagination and creativity are combined in a particularly intensive way.

"Our goal is and remains to have a well-staffed orchestra that is capable of playing and enjoys playing in the future, and we want to use all our energy to achieve this, explained stumptner. That's why the club's leadership is pleased that musicians who were once active in the past are joining in again, and about adults who are starting again at an advanced age or who are taking their instrument "out of the cellar" again.

Wolfram heinlein and the board explained that there will be no spring concert this year and that the board has decided to hold a concert on the 28th. September to hold a small association celebration and to show the visitors the musical bandwidth of the orchestra, because the juka celebrates its 45th anniversary this year.

The youth band will also participate this year in the "festival of youth bands" at culture in the kirchenburg on 5. July to participate and play at the bergkirchweih.

Further appearances in the immediate vicinity and in aurachtal and oberreichenbach are in the schedule, for which peter jordan also thanked on behalf of his mayoral colleague klaus hacker. In his greeting, he particularly emphasized the youth work.