Mini excavator dismantles hallstadt rewe store

mini excavator dismantles hallstadt rewe store

Where there was a lot of rocking out just a week ago, the mini-excavator is now running riot: in the former rewe market in the center of hallstadt, which the people of hallstadt bid farewell to last weekend with a rough demolition party. In front of an astonished woman at the wall, the shovel at the north end of the house plucks out piece after piece from the ceiling.

Construction yard workers collect the bottles, candy wrappers, trassing tape and even an old straw hat. They are cleaning up the remains of the party. "It was a nice party, woman one of them, whose children were with him. While the building yard is busy with cleanup work, employees of the construction company are clearing the party zone itself. Party organizer christian davisson and his comrade-in-arms klaus brehme, for their part, are quickly making sure that the power lines and junction boxes are also cleared and that the field is really free for the demolition work.

Demolition party went down well
The party, by the way, davisson lets it be known, went down well with all the burgers, big and small. So good, in fact, that at times it was impossible to let anyone else into the building site. With the change of band, the visitors changed and everyone was satisfied again, he and the mayor markus zirkel (SPD) agree. The "historic moment for hallstadt by the way, zirkel and davisson want to be there as well as the lady from the neighborhood management and the city press spokeswoman.

Everyone has one thought written all over their faces: finally it's time to get started. Finally you can see what has been announced for a long time: excavators are rolling in, even if it is only a mini-excavator for the time being. The rough will only come to fruition during the excavation work, says graduate engineer herbert eiermann, who is responsible for overseeing the project on behalf of the city's building department.

Before the lighthouse project in hallstadt's new center, i.E. The market barn, can take shape, the old rewe market has to make way first. Dangerous 30 by 70 meters building is to disappear, literally razed to the ground. This is the job of joseph schlick and his men. The boss of the baunach construction company is also on site on this important first day of demolition. The excavator shovel grabs everything that is not stone. First of all, after the wooden ceiling elements and those made of plasterboard. The market is being gutted from the inside. Everything that is not masonry is removed first, then the flat roof comes down, and finally the rough excavator sets to work.

Pure waste disposal
The waste is disposed of by type, for example in the incinerator or at the contractor's recycling center, so that parts of the construction can be reused in other projects. Incidentally, company boss schlick himself was never in the rewe market when it was still in operation and supplied the citizens in the heart of the city with everyday necessities.

The burgermeister's family also paid for it. "We were here every day to buy fresh milk and yogurt", markus zirkel remembers. In the process, he and his wife have always taken one thing or another with them. Now, on the contrary, the family is forced to buy in bulk.

A grocery shopping spree is not exactly what press spokeswoman kerstin bonisch has in mind when she has her lunch break. Rather already fresh fruit or yogurt. But at the moment she can forget about it, just like the employees of other companies in the center of hallstadt. That's why the realization of the market barn project is not only for mayor zirkel "the earlier the better" – a matter of the heart. If everything goes smoothly and the weather plays along, the market building will be history by the end of january, according to joseph schlick, according to schlick.