Medium plus again this year

Classes at frobenius-gymnasium hammelburg begin tuesday, 12. September, at 8 a.M. For grades 6 to 12 and at 8 a.M. For grades 8 to 12.15 o'clock for the 5. Classes.
Parents can find out in which rooms and in which classes the students in grades 6 to 10 will start the school year on the newly introduced parent information portal or from the lists posted in the entrance area. The course lists and timetable for Q11/12 can be found in the upper school showcase.

Reception in the auditorium

The new gymnasium students of the 5. The new students are divided into two regular classes and one full-day class and will begin the new phase of their school life at 8 a.M.3 p.M. Together in the auditorium of the gymnasium, where they and their parents – if they want to accompany their children – are welcomed and buried by the principal, helmut schreiner.
Afterwards they go with their class leaders to the classrooms and, supported by tutors, will get to know the new conditions of everyday school life and the school in the first two school days until 1 p.M. Each day.
For grades 6 to 12, classes will begin on tuesday after organizational questions have been clarified with the class leaders and the upper school coordinators.
Classes end on tuesday at 1 p.M. For all classes, and from wednesday onwards, scheduled afternoon classes also take place for grades 6 to 12, and the cafeteria – the "frobistuble" – is open to the public – , from this school year onwards, the afz will be offering lunches.
The middle school plus will be continued this school year with two classes in grade 8. For the first time, there are two classes in grade 9+.