Mean: helpful car driver takes hitchhiker – she steals his car

Mean: helpful car driver takes hitchhiker - she steals his car

Man gives hitchhiker a lift and she steals from him: a 44-year-old hitchhiker in herford shamelessly took advantage of the helpfulness of a 57-year-old man from bielefeld.

On tuesday (26.6.) about 12.25 o’clock the damaged one drove with a nissan registered as truck on the street "on the liberty in the direction of the train station. When he stopped for traffic, the female hitchhiker got into the vehicle via the passenger door and asked for a ride. The driver agreed, but first stopped in front of a pharmacy in kurfurstenstrabe to run an errand.

The culprit took advantage of this moment, took over the steering wheel and drove off in an unknown direction. On the bypass the fugitive was spotted by the alarmed police in the context of the manhunt. During a short chase, the driver ignored the police’s stop signs. At the intersection of goebenstrabe and sophienstrabe, additional emergency vehicles were able to block the passage and prevent the thief from continuing his journey.

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the accused was arrested beforehand and the vehicle was handed back to the injured party. After completion of the police investigations, the perpetrator could be released.

The motive for the act could not be clarified so far. Even though the woman, who was born in herford, adhered to the traffic regulations during her journey, she must answer for suspected theft and unauthorized use of motor vehicles under the criminal code.