Master prize for lisa dornhofer from mainleus

Master prize for lisa dornhofer from mainleus

Training to become certified business managers, accountants and industrial managers is still very popular with young men and women. A total of 284 graduates from the chamber of industry and commerce for upper franconia took part in the training program and completed it. Of these, 27 graduates have now been awarded the dr.-stammberger-halle the master prize from the hand of IHK chief executive gabriele hohenner and IHK president sonja weigand. Master prize winner from the chamber district kulmbach is lisa dornhofer from mainleus.

IHK chief executive gabriele hohenner said: "today is the day when you can personally pat yourself on the back and we can express our special appreciation to you. We need committed representatives from the business community to strengthen innovation and future viability in upper franconia. Let’s master the challenges of the future together." In a complex working world, committed design, curiosity, perseverance and lifelong learning are required. The number of professions in which a one-time training is sufficient for many years of work has become vanishingly small. Almost every occupational field now requires that each individual continuously take on the task of professional development. It is therefore essential to maintain the motivation to constantly challenge oneself, regardless of age or field of work.

Sonja weigand, president of the chamber of commerce and industry, described the advanced training certificate as an expression of quality "made in germany": "that is, what distinguishes our business location, what sets us apart from others in europe and around the world." As the president of the chamber of commerce and industry emphasized, advancement in life depends on numerous factors, many of which cannot be influenced or can only be influenced to a limited extent: "you can also only partially control your success in your job. The best way to do this is through your own qualification. An additional qualification does not guarantee that they will move up in their company, but it does significantly increase their chances. An additional qualification does not guarantee that they will not become unemployed. Your risk, however, will be traceably lower."

The graduates could be justifiably proud of what they had achieved. Flexibility is still required, because the half-life of technological development is becoming shorter and shorter "and professional life today consists only of continuous further training processes", according to sonja weigand. "You have a degree in your pocket that is on a par with a bachelor’s or even a master’s degree."

Government vice president thomas engel congratulated not only on behalf of the government of upper franconia, but also on behalf of the free state of bavaria. He emphasized that the graduates have shown commitment and willingness to perform.