Marktbreiter music school in good shape

Satisfied with the results of the annual general meeting of the marktbreit music school on monday. The decision to hire a head coach was definitely the right one, and it showed in the reports. Treasurer silvia ruppe reported that, for the first time, a large grant from the bavarian association of singing and music schools had been awarded to marktbreit. This is partly thanks to the persistence of the new principal, but also to the numerous cooperations with local kindergartens, which are rewarded in this way. But these cooperations also mean real work in terms of content, which requires organization by the school principal.

Steffen zeller holds this position and showed his commitment not only in applying for subsidies. One piece of information on the side: his salary is almost completely financed by a subsidy from the city, donations or membership fees are not used for this purpose. Overall, the music school was able to generate a small surplus, which compensates for the loss of the previous year. Nevertheless, according to chairwoman martina sagstetter, it is necessary to increase membership dues. They are expected to increase by four percent.

In return, the allowances for schoolchildren learning a second instrument or for siblings will also be expanded. In the future, there will be a 15 percent discount for the second subject instead of the previous ten percent. And those who register more than one child can claim up to 40 percent, depending on the number of children.

The association currently has 157 members, almost all of whom are also music students. Lessons are offered in all instrument groups, 26 string and plucked instruments alone are taught and there are 33 piano students. Nine groups with elementary music pedagogy learn the basics of music. Behind the unwieldy term are the cooperations with various kindergartens. Most music students come from the administrative community of marktbreit, as well as from the district of kitzingen and the ochsenfurt area. On monday, the chairwoman also presented the extensive program that the music school completes every year. Performances at wine festivals, concerts, accompaniment at church services or kindergarten parties: there is always something to hear about what the music students from marktbreit can do.

The association’s board of directors was newly elected on monday: martina sagstetter remains chairwoman, her deputy continues to be yvonne neumeier. Rolf thiele is the new treasurer, and heike noller remains the secretary. The board of directors is completed by the assessors petra tremmel and carola rimmel, and the auditors silvia ruppe and christine holzmann.