Hofheim indoor swimming pool in need of renovation

Hofheim indoor swimming pool in need of renovation

The hofheim indoor swimming pool is in need of renovation. At first glance, there are no major deficiencies in the swimming hall and the changing area, but in the basement of the indoor pool, the need for action quickly becomes apparent. Dripping from the walls.

The county council’s construction and transportation committee took a look at the situation at the indoor pool during an on-site visit on thursday. Ralf rockelein from the county’s building department gave the committee members a tour of the indoor swimming pool.

The swimming pool is the main source of problems, says. Its foil is riddled with holes, so that water penetrates into the areas behind the foil. Rockelein spoke of a "dripstone hollow" in this context. The shower facilities are also in need of attention, even though they were renovated only 15 years ago – which raised the question of the half-life of a general renovation among the committee members. Will the swimming pool be in the same condition in 15 years as it is now, despite the general renovation??

"It must be said in general that a swimming pool is always very maintenance-intensive", said rockelein. In the meantime, however, there is also improved technology and new products. For example, the stainless steel components were of a different quality than 20 years ago. In the past few years, investments have been made in the swimming pool again and again. "Otherwise it would now be in a completely different condition."

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At the subsequent meeting of the committee at the inter-municipal citizens’ center in hofheim, rockelein explained: "we consider a general renovation to be necessary." Otherwise the operation of the indoor swimming pool cannot be maintained for much longer.

Renovation or new construction?

An architectural firm is currently preparing an expert opinion on the renovation of the building. This should be available by mid/end october and give information about the costs. District administrator wilhelm schneider explained: "we assume that a general renovation is much more favorable than a new building." During a new construction, a smaller bath was also created – with a good 16 meter long pool. With a general renovation, on the other hand, the current double pool with its 25-meter pool could be preserved.

Also the demand for a new building was lowered. The single pool would cost 2.4 million euros, the double pool twice that amount. First the result of the expert’s report is to be waited now.