Granite from China for “traffic circle” near buttenheim

Granite from china for

Not even the pouring rain could dampen the mood when the members of the district council's building committee got off the bus in buttenheim at the end of their regular tour. With the new traffic circle between the village and the two wine cellars – the BA 9 from buttenheim to tiefensturmig (district of forchheim) crosses the state road 2960 from the freeway in the direction of ebermannstadt – one of the last accident blackspots in the bamberger land is finally to be defused. The work is on schedule and should be finished by christmas.

The contours of the "traffic circle were already well visible. And that, although the builders had to wait seven weeks for the granite paving stones, according to construction engineer max brust from the weyrauther planning office. But "such quality at this price can only be found in china", explained chest. And by the time they arrived, they had been busy laying pipes and empty conduits since the middle of september.

The stones from the kingdom of the center will delimit a rondell with a diameter of 40 meters. The 6.50 meter wide road runs around an inner surface with a diameter of 27 meters, which is to rise up to one meter above the land level. The widening of the road from 5.50 to 6.50 meters is also intended to make the terrain more clearly arranged.

Thomas dotterweich from the county's civil engineering office proved that this is necessary with some figures. In a period of three years, there have been 13 injuries, four of them serious, mainly due to accidents when turning left. As a result, the decision to transform the intersection into a traffic circle was already taken in 2010, but could no longer be realized in 2011. The costs amount to 800,000 euros, and the requirement under the financial equalization act is about 70 percent. In the coming year, the road to untersturmig will also be expanded with a walking and biking path.

3.8 million for stackendorf
However, the traffic circle at the buttenheim cellars was by far not the most expensive project presented to the county council that day. Only a few kilometers away, a construction site has been underway since july that the district of bamberg has been putting off for a long time: the redesign of the stackendorf through road (also in the municipality of buttenheim) is, according to dotterweich, "the largest and most expensive tree removal project in the district of bamberg in recent years.

For a total of 3.8 million euros, the creation of three bridges over the deichselbach, the redesign of the embankment walls and the creation of footpaths and the renewal of the roadway are planned. This year, the bridges and embankment walls will be rebuilt for two million euros by a company from weismain. The municipality of buttenheim invited the county council to a bread meal in the lowenbrau cellar.

According to civil engineer bittel from the planning office wolf, the earthworks are not without problems. First, the deichselbach, which runs through the village between the two carriageways over a distance of 700 meters, had to be diverted via the muhlbach. Because the foundation work in the creek bed reached down to a depth of eight meters, some residents feared damage to their homes. For this reason, external bureaus will carry out a preservation of evidence (additional costs 50.000 euro). In the meantime the first bridge is finished, the second one is in work. By the end of the year, all three will span the dyke creek. The carriageways, including gutters, are planned to be 3.75 meters wide.

Cake as a thank you
Also to be completed by the end of the year is the expansion of the BA 54 district road in podeldorf in the direction of schammelsdorf. Here for 446.000 euros from the junction on the road to memmelsdorf 650 meters of road including bridge newly built.

As part of the rehabilitation of memmelsdorf's town center, the municipality is working with the district to rebuild the eastern section of the main road. The county is contributing 120,000 euros to the total cost of about 800,000 euros. According to mayor johann bauerlein, the width of the trench will be reduced to 6.70 meters. More than 30 parking spaces will be created and 16 trees will be planted.

The district council was very satisfied with the extension of the BA 31 between the bundesstrabe 22 and konigsfeld. The district of bamberg has invested one million euros in the 3.6-kilometer-long extension, the longest of 2012. "Otherwise we could not afford the village renewal in hohenhausling", the mayor of stadelhofen ludwig gohl emphasized. The burgerverein hohenhausling invited the participants for coffee and home-baked cake.