Fire department iffigheim exactly 100 members strong

fire department iffigheim exactly 100 members strong

Thomas drebel will continue to lead the iffigheim firefighters' association for the next six years, but now with harald schleyer as his new deputy. Because his father and founding member, helmut schleyer, resigned after 30 years as deputy and may now call himself an honorary member in the future.

Siegfried subner has been managing the cashier's office for 18 years, with another six to come. "But that's the end of it," announced the treasurer, who is also the commandant. Financially, the association is in very good shape, subner reported. The treasury was audited by dieter huthofer and roland mennel. Jurgen strobel did not run again as secretary, his position was taken over by christian samann. The assessors are dieter dorsch, simone dorsch and thomas hering.

Honorary chairman and honorary member norbert dazian was dismissed as tent manager. This task will be taken over in the future by berthold appelmann, announced drebel. According to the chairman, the association currently has exactly 100 members. For 2019, the maypole celebration is scheduled for the 30th of may. April, a sausage breakfast on 1 april. May, the midsummer bonfire on 14. Or 28. June, the village festival at the fountain on 22. June, the helper celebration on 31. October, the kirchweih of 21. Until 24. November and possibly participation in the seinsheim christmas market on the program of the active association. Thomas drebel had declared before his election that he would gladly take up the office again, but he made it a condition that he would not have to deliver any eulogies. This later led to a lengthy discussion and to the suggestion that the statutes be reviewed after 30 years to see if they were up to date. Norbert dazian had reminded what is regulated in the statutes and when, for example, the flag is carried.

Bowls instead of wreaths

In the event of the death of an active firefighter, the eulogy will be delivered by the commandant or his deputy. In the case of a former member of the board or a former member of the fire department, this is done by a member of the board or by a person designated by the board.

In addition, the assembly agreed that in the future there will be only bowls instead of wreaths, which is more contemporary.