Display again

In order to slow the spread of the coronavirus, controls to ensure compliance with the "bayerische infektionsschutzmabnahmenverordnung" (bavarian infection control ordinance) still a high priority. In all regions of lower franconia, the police again carried out checks during wednesday to ensure compliance with the legal ordinance. In individual cases, proceedings had to be initiated against persons, writes the police prasidium unterfranken. The total number of reports in the mainfranken area amounted to approx. Funf trap, in the area main-rhon on ca. Ten traps and on the bavarian untermain to ca. Funf trap.

Depending on the type of violation of the infection protection act or the bavarian infection protection measures ordinance, the police will initiate bubgeld or criminal proceedings against the affected or accused persons. Investigation proceedings initiated on suspicion of a misdemeanor or a felony. After the conclusion of the police investigations, the cases will be submitted to the respective local prosecution authority (district administration authority / public prosecutor’s office) for further decision-making.

No free night jokes

In the night to 1. May about "freinacht-scherze" to hold does not constitute good cause to leave the dwelling and constitutes a violation under the infectious disease protection act, it continued on thursday. The police announced further controls.