D-mark times: when beer still cost 50 pfennigs

D-mark times: when beer still cost 50 pfennigs

Did you really "get more for your money" in the old days?? Some well-known people from the region remember.

Gunter brehm (68) worked as a business manager for the city of hochstadt until 2016:

I can still remember a beer price of 60 pfennigs. That was at the end of the 60s. At the beginning of the 70’s in our cult pub at the "kummel" in adelsdorf, also known as the "harbor pub, because it was situated by the creek. Proper name was actually "golden anchor."

In our high school days in forchheim, when we used to go to the neder in forchheim at the end of the 60s, a mug of beer cost 1 DM. A jug was a mab. We did not drink water. It was also not as in demand as it is today. Mostly spezi was the order of the day.

My first car was an R 4 after my time in the army in july 1972. I didn’t have it for long, because it gave up the ghost after a few weeks. I then bought a VW kafer, which ran and ran … As far as I know, the price of gasoline at that time was 50 to 55 pfennigs. A pretzel cost around 20 pfennigs. I was never an apprentice. I’m about to be hired on the 15.12.1969 ubernommen. My first salary was 558 DM gross.

Ingemar schoen (80) was principal at hochstadt high school from 1987 to 2004:

A friend and i once bought a used isetta together for 700 DM, a kind of early car sharing. Unfortunately it fell victim to a cable fire after a relatively short time. As a trainee I bought myself a used VW kafer. The gasoline prices were around 50 pfennig per liter.

I don’t remember my trainee salary very well. The first salary as a civil servant teacher was about 1100 DM. That was a lot after the studies, but little in view of a rent of 400 marks cold!

Hans-georg wennmacher (83) still remembers the 1954 soccer world cup in switzerland:

"At home there was no TV, so one went to a coarser pub with TV. Of course it was not free. In the hall you had to buy a voucher for 2 DM. A pilsner 0.2 l (preubenmab) cost 35 pfennigs or three pilsners 1 DM. Since I did not like beer at the tender age of 17, I allowed myself a lemon fizz, which cost 50 pfennigs, every half hour. For the rest of one DM, I treated myself to a bar of sarotti semi-sweet chocolate, which cost DM 1.40. The 40 pfennig I had to pay of course on it. My pocket money back then was 2 DM/week. As "we" when we became world champions, the whole hall cheered and for the first time after the lost war, everyone sang at the top of their lungs like in the old days.

Chocolate and bottled beer could only be bought in pubs. The latter was also available from a certain point in time at the coal dealer. Cadbury chocolate was also on sale at woolworth’s. My first car was a used four-seater BMW 600 in 1961, which proved to be very difficult to repair. But as a trained locksmith, I could do most of the repairs myself. Nevertheless I made trips to italy, the alps and stockholm with it. In stockholm in 1962, I worked as a student tradesman during the semester break. On the way back I had brought a large quantity of coffee, also nescafe, which was much cheaper in sweden than here.

Reiner bum (70), principal at hochstadt secondary school from 2002 to 2014, grew up in a small village without a shop or inn. One of his earliest memories:

"Fetching beer in a jug, lapping up foam on the way home, way before school started. It was first the sunday church walk, to fub over the mountain into the next church village, always the afternoon service in the village chapel, and then nevertheless a small high point: with the grandpa and still three of its colleagues again to fub into another neighboring place, so that I did not annoy at home and the old men could play schafkopf. I got a sandwich with a sausage and a chabeso, everything that was not available at home. And long before i went to school, i could already play schafkopf, because of the beer and the bladder of the older men, a permanent substitute was needed: the early career as the famous french "brunskartler"(sorry!)

Twice a week the baker came, ringing a bell, as well as the municipal servant with his announcements. Only bread was bought, at the most bread rolls, not paid, only noted in a booklet, because the baker for a kilo of bread received from the miller three pounds of flour, one pound as "baking wages". Smaller high points in the village life were also the peddlers, who sold nearly all things of the daily use: once weekly a food supplier with a trailer at the moped, always in the spring and in the autumn peddlers with an offer of clothing and shoes.

The first cars came later. For us it was a DKW junior in 1961, according to today’s car dimensions a toy car, but red leather seats. In it began my way out of the village world.

About the beer: i remember at the beginning of the 60s a price for the half of 50 pfennig – in the economy. I’m sure I still know the price of my first "schlenkerla" 1966: 70 pfennig. To the water: I did not experience a single humans, who ordered water at that time in the economy, female thus also no price. A pretzel cost probably 10 pfennig; with knackwurst it eats at most a preube.

In bamberg, i was in the boarding school of the franciscans at jakobsberg. The way to school went past the cinema, where the first "naked pictures" were posted, the blackened or glued bosom became more and more visible, until only a little star remained, which stimulated the imagination of pubescent penny-pinchers more than it appeased them. Oswald kolle films or "helga" aroused more than curiosity. Pizza and gyros were novelties that began to supplant roast pork with dumplings.

Then 18 months of basic military service and, at the start of his studies, his first car of his own, financed by his parents, of course, and in keeping with the spirit of the times and his self-interpretation: a poison-gruner R 4 with the famous gearshift bar and – important in this age group – a full-length bench seat at the front that required a relationship. The new price was 4500 marks, I also remember the first tank filling: 52 pfennig for the liter of regular gasoline.

And then the serious side of life suddenly began. The "maintenance grant in 1975, the trainee’s salary was exactly 985 DM. For married couples there was a supplement of 237 DM. From my studies on, I had an R 4, which I used to travel from erlangen to munich during my legal clerkship.

Sigurd kohler (81) from hochstadt, honorary chairman of the kellerbergverein, remembers how beer used to cost 50 pfennigs when he was younger. A pretzel with knackwurst cost about 1,20 DM and a liter of gasoline cost about 50 pfennig. As an apprentice he earned 2.50 DM a week. At first he was always on a bicycle and later on four wheels of course.