Culture hall is the biggest chunk

The municipality of steinwiesen has unanimously approved its budget, which provides for investments of almost four and a half million euro. Mayor gerhard wunder (CSU) spoke of an approvable budget. Thanks were expressed above all to the state of bavaria, which has transferred 2.75 million in stabilization aid to the municipality over the past eight years, with the exception of the previous year.

Wunder sees the steadily increasing pay-as-you-go power as a positive factor across the board. The county levy rises by over 100000 euros to a record level of 1.25 million euros despite the levy rate remaining the same. He especially thanked the many small businesses that are reliable business tax payers. Wunder regretted that at the end of the year a major trade tax payer will leave the municipality, and that this will have a financial impact in the following years.

The total budget exceeds the ten million mark and is more than twelve percent higher than the previous year. There will continue to be constant tax rates, these are for the trade tax 335 percentage points and for the property taxes 350 percentage points. Furthermore, the voluntary services were checked and, as the mayor explained in detail, they are limited.

As the most important income in the administrative budget, he named the income tax share (1.5 million), the key allocations (1.4 million) as well as the trade tax (0.7 million) and the expenses of the district levy (1.2 million), the personnel costs (1 million) and the deficit in the adventure pool with 570,000 euros. Kindergarten subsidies have also increased significantly in recent years. However, wunder said that they were willing to invest in the children, especially since the church was doing a good job. The debt level is expected to fall slightly because the borrowing of 198,000 euros will be offset by ordinary repayments of 262,000 euros.

Debts significantly reduced

Since 2016 there has been no new debt, the debt could be reduced tremendously in this time despite numerous investments. The mayor is proud to say that almost 13 million has been invested over the past eight years.

The main goal in the coming years is the renovation of the cultural hall. The fire department is getting a new HLF-20 fire engine this year. The plans for the square design in pfarrer-bayer-strabe and the plans for the roof area of the community center in schlegelshaid are firmly on the agenda . The electrical equipment in the clearing plant has to be renewed (without subsidy) at a cost of around 100,000 euros. DSL broadband for residents will continue to grow.

Managing director and chamber rainer deuerling described the renovation of the culture hall with this year a million in investments and planned 750,000 euros in subsidies as the roughest project. The cost of the fire truck is budgeted at 342,000 euros, with a fixed subsidy of 136,000 euros. The ringweg birnbaum is completed, the construction of the cycle path is started and the broadband "courtyard program" started, said deuerling. He was pleased with the settlement of accounts for the local thoroughfare, where a further 155,500 euros were transferred before the final payment was made.

In the medium term, a renovation of the open-air swimming pool and the expansion of blumenstrabe and gries are being considered. One focus of the renovation work in the coming years will be the renovation of the sewer network and the water pipes. The financial plan also includes the remodeling of the old school in nurn, the further renovation of the "kohling" wall, and the construction of a new school building and the redesign of the post garden are planned.

Commitment to the adventure pool

Both the mayor and his chamberlain spoke of a contractual framework for new debt in the next three years. It is also the firm will of the entire municipal council to maintain the adventure pool despite a gross deficit.

Parliamentary group chairman jurgen eckert ( CSU ) spoke of a solid budget. The totals show that a lot has been achieved and at the same time the indebtedness has decreased. Projects have been carried out in all parts of the village. The mayor had again put a lot of heart and soul into his work.

Jurgen deuerling ( SPD ) was taken with the investments. He addressed the created jewelry of the past. In the future, however, it will also be necessary to keep in mind the major expenses and tasks such as the culture hall and the adventure pool.

Before presenting the budget and its annexes, gerhard wunder announced the operating results for the past year. Accordingly, the water supply and wastewater disposal had to accept slight losses in recent years, and this year’s calculations will be recalculated. The adventure pool had around 80,000 euros less revenue due to the corona crisis. The subsidy for foreign transport was increased in the three rodachtal municipalities, which affected the figures for the first time.

The mabnahmenliste of the landscape conservation association, which predominantly provides for meadow mowing, was endorsed. The land consolidation and village renewal measures in birnbaum and schlegelshaid were coordinated with the local burghers. Tenders are now being invited for the pit facilities in schlegelshaid, with completion scheduled for autumn at the latest. According to the mayor, the cost will be around 450,000 euros. There will also be a playground near the community center. The delays in construction were difficult, but in the end the high demand was secured.

For the application for the state program for swimming pools, the government asked for a corresponding resolution of the municipal council. One expects a demand between 30 to 50 percent, with the high demanded federal program one is in the "waiting loop".

Mayor gerhard wunder informed that in the future it will also be possible to hold hybrid meetings of the municipal council. This does not even require a change in the municipal code, but can be done by a two-thirds vote of the municipal council. The parliamentary groups should think about this new possibility.

Brigitte geiger (SPD) suggested that the bus stop "koberhaus" be renovated permanently attached to the "schleckergarten to publish. There is a place to sit down, there is not such a rough crowd and the place is easier to see.