Coach joke: us Palermo turns the carousel curious

coach joke: us palermo turns the carousel curious

Just one day after the relegation-threatened sicilian club parted ways with gian piero gasperini for the second time this season, palermo announced the return of giuseppe sannino. That sannino who was dismissed at the beginning of the season after two series A defeats and a draw in office.

In total, the coach’s chair has been changed for the fifth time this season. Reshuffled. For palermo not only wears out its coaches at a breathtaking pace. The club also gives them a second chance almost as quickly again.

And this is how it started: last summer, sannino, once with inter milan but without a job since september 2011, was signed for the current season. After three match days, gasperini was allowed to run for about three months – a small eternity in the era of the club under the dithering president maurizio zamparini. For gasperini came alberto malesani. Three weeks, no more, at the end of february gasperini returned to the head post.

"I didn’t think twice when the president called," he said at the time. Two weeks later, gasperini was allowed to, or rather had to, vacate the seat again. Less than 24 hours later, palermo announced on tuesday that sannino would be taking over the reins at the second-last team in the table.

And as if the task at AC milan next sunday were not difficult enough, club boss zamparini spread unbridled pessimism even before the neapolitan-born manager’s renewed commitment. "We can no longer save ourselves, it’s madness to think we could still make it," he was quoted in italian media. He went on to say that the team, which is five points behind a relegation spot in the last ten games of the season, needs a lot of luck, and our players need to act like men again instead of memes."

Sure, the best thing is to be as resolute as he himself has always been when it comes to coaches: in a quarter of a century at venice and palermo, he fired the coach 35 times, and in total he wore out 43 training managers. There is no longer a certificate for this.