Big points for aura

Big points for aura

"Big points" the burghers of aura awarded the "hauptstrabe" (main street), the town's thoroughfare, as part of the upcoming village renewal project for the perimeter of the festival hall and the redesign of the tenth square. In the very well-attended information meeting in the festival hall, the residents were able to award points for the projects whose preservation or renovation was particularly close to their hearts.
Each person present received eleven red sticky dots, which he was allowed to distribute on the photos of the 39 mabs on display on the boards in the hall. The three objects mentioned were the favorites and received the most approval.
The architect bernd muller and the planner mirjam ganz, who were in charge of the planning, suggested a partial paving of the parking lots, a modeling of the flat areas and a multigenerational playground for the surrounding of the festival hall because of the dust development. "Here a lot can be done for the place, because the festival hall is also a signboard of aura", muller noted.
The "hauptstrabe" local thoroughfare would have to be completely redesigned in his opinion. Continuous, partly widened sidewalks, a new ceiling and a new superstructure as well as suitable fencing could contribute decisively to an improved image.
According to muller, the design of the tenth square and the enclosure of the old school required a reorganization of the land. The planners and the head of the office for rural development, jurgen eisentraut, agreed that quiet benches in the vicinity of the old school, a lot of green space and, for example, the renovation of the bakehouse and other measures should enhance the village center. This is also the opinion of most of the citizens.

Many other ideas

Of course, many other ideas were incorporated into the proposals that were drawn up by the planner together with the working groups. For example, in the "elfershausener strabe/am rasen", it was possible to include an open space for festivals as well as tent sites at the saale, a caravan and camper site and – in cooperation with the water management office – even a pedestrian and bicycle path next to the saale bridge will be built.
The entrance area to the swimming pool, the parking lot there and the adjacent school playground have sufficient potential to make this area much more attractive, as do the crossroads to the monastery and the surroundings of the monastery church and cemetery. There were no limits to the imagination. Additional foot and cycle paths around and in the village, the maintenance of the orchard at the monastery wall, information boards and much more could be realized in the next 10 to 15 years – provided that the money is available.
For the implementation of the almost 40 proposals, eisentraut calculated a cost requirement of eight million euros. "Neither aura nor the state can provide these means.", he freely admitted, pointing out that an overall concept was to be worked out, which is now on the table.
What is financially possible will be decided by a commission of experts that will meet on 7. August inspected the individual proposals on site. In the winter of 2013, the participants' assembly is formed, which gives itself a board of directors. Then the "adventure village renewal" can enter the heave phase.

First of all, sewer renovation

Before the start, however, the municipality has still set the, about one million expensive canal and water tree inspections, which were not included in the village renewal, but are to be borne by all burgers. The people of aura will receive the cost notices at the end of 2014 or in 2015, informed burgermeister thomas hack.