“Bauer sucht frau”: delicious, meat!

The contribution of liver sausage and other meat specialties to a romantic breakfast is commonly underestimated. The love-crazed farmers from the RTL show "bauer sucht frau" (farmer looking for woman) proved to be again on monday evening: there's a sausage in every beginning. "Meat, delicious, 24 year old swiss girl janine languished as she sat down with young farmer lena (24) at the breakfast table she had made. "Totally flirty described lena the mood at the common sausage sandwich consumption. And for the subsequent parachute jump the two blondes were then also strengthened.

Do you want to cook for your sweetheart the farmer's way?? Then get here "the best recipes from the country"

"Angie has already tasted the homemade sausage at the joint dinner, floated presenter inka bause as she drove onto the farm of the "hearty hobby farmer" helmut went. The farmer took his chosen ones into the barn, where the pigs "schnitzel" were, "ham" and "mama unsuspecting in the hay. But the coziness was soon over, when angie courageously grabbed the pitchfork and helped to muck out the pigs. Appearance helmut: "you are a born pig woman." A glass of champagne at a romantic picnic.

Things were less harmonious in the uckermark region, where sylvia (35) first took the down-to-earth cow farmer brian (35) to her breast. "Bit cleaner" in her opinion, it could be at home with him. The man of the house thinks that's a good start, but now that she's here, we can clean up together. Keyword: farmer smart! Guy (28) can take a leaf out of his book, he apparently cleans his own house. "I have never seen such a neat man's household", in any case, his victoria (26) noted.

Without any meat, but with a "matchmaking cake" the date between farmer steffen (32) and his dream woman nicole (29) went well. Not even the erotic calendar in the thuringer's bedroom could spoil the romantic mood. Announcement nicole: "after that a picture of me will hang there."