B 505 gets third lane and further exit

B 505 gets third lane and further exit

Anyone who travels regularly on the B505 between hochstadt and bamberg knows exactly the few places where you can overtake trucks creeping along. If there is oncoming traffic here, it is necessary to be patient until one of the two three-lane sections is approaching. Now the third such section, which was planned years ago, is to be built. In addition, there is also a new connection point.

Above all the citizens in the area of centbechhofen/jungenhofen and herrnsdorf have long wanted direct access to the B 505. So far, they have to take long detours if they want to use the federal highway that passes in front of their towns.

Problems have also arisen in the event of accidents in this area. It may take some time for the fire department, police and rescue services from hochstadt or hirschaid to get to the victims of the accident. The fire department from centbechhofen would then be on the scene much faster. The city of hochstadt has also already upgraded this local fire department.

Planning has been going on for years

Concrete plans for the third lane and the additional junction have been in place since 2014. At that time, the responsible planners at the responsible state construction office in bamberg had considered a start of construction in 2017 to be possible. Meanwhile we write the year 2020 and still nothing has happened on site.

This may be due to the fact that the bamberg authority is planning and will also be responsible for construction, but the project had to be approved by the government of central franconia, because most of this stretch is located in central franconia.

"We still had to work out an architectural plan for the government of central franconia", says anna nagengast, head of planning at the bamberg authority. Due to nature conservation issues, the planning approval process has been protracted.

In the meantime, the planning for the third section of the B 505 between hochstadt and bamberg has been completed. According to the head of the department, nagengast, preparations for construction are currently underway. "If the budget is available, work can start next year." The reconstruction of the bridges will start, then the 3.7 kilometer long section between schweinbach and jungenhofen will get the third lane and the new exit.

"With the expansion, we take the uberholdruck out", says nagengast. This is particularly high due to the rough speed differences between load and passenger cars. Direction bamberg can be overtaken safely on another 1.4 kilometers, direction pommersfelden even on a long of 1.7 kilometers.

Fifth section to come

This third section of the B 505, which is also heavily used by trucks, will not be the last. Planning for section four south of hirschaid currently underway. In the somewhat more distant future, a fifth section south of bamberg is to be widened to three lanes.