Apple hardware strategist Bob Mansfield remains on board

In the process, the previous head of hardware, bob mansfield, was surprisingly given a new role: the manager, who announced his retirement in june, will remain active and will in the future "work on future products," as the company announced on tuesday. Mansfield will report directly to the chief executive officer cook.

Mansfield was criticized this summer for removing apple’s devices from the EPEAT register of environmentally friendly devices. Customers protested, and apple reversed its decision – a rare reversal for the usually assertive company.

As senior vice president, mansfield was previously responsible for hardware development. This task is now being taken over by dan riccio, who previously held the position of vice president in the same team, one level lower. New senior vice president for mac software development is craig federighi, who joined apple in 2009 to lead development of the mac OS X operating system. Riccio, who has been with apple since 1998, will lead the mac, iphone, ipad and ipod engineering teams in the future.

There are a total of eleven senior vice presidents in apple’s management team. This group also includes head of marketing phil schiller, chief designer jony ive and scott forstall, who is responsible for the ios mobile system.